Guest and Speaker Presentation Archives 

1.25.23Navigating Boundaries
of Quiet Quitting: Implications
for Faculty and Staff of Color
Quiet Quitting of
Colored Faculty 
Dr. Dawn BrownPresentationRecording 
2.08.23     The Equity of a Crisis: Challenges Facing
Minority Serving Institutions
Financial challenges
for HBCU
instructional delivery
during COVID 19
Dr. Lorne Lee     PresentationRecording 
2.22.23Understanding Arab American IdentityArab American IdentityDr. Lamise ShawahinPresentation     Recording 
3.12.23Racism Free SchoolsHow the Racism Free Schools Act serves students, and how you can help pass itMr. Bill CurtinPresentationRecording
3.22.23Joy @ WorkCreating an Inclusive Work EnvironmentDr. Joi PattersonPresentation
Poll Results
3.27.23Get Real About Honoring Students' Identity Honoring Students' IdentityMs. Camille Auguste and Dr. Tina CurryPresentationRecording

Gender and Sex on the College Campus Emerging Trends and Challenges Drs. Matthew Cooney and Lisa PenningtonPresentationRecording
4.26.23 Healing from Racial Trauma in Education Dr. Crystal HarrisPresentationRecording
9.27.23Latinx Heritage Month Professional Development OpportunityBecoming a better ally to Latinx and Undocumented StudentsEmmanuel LopezPresentationRecording
10.11.23 UDL: Meeting the Needs of Diverse LearnersAngela Szczepanik-SanchezPresentationRecording
10.25.23Serving LGBTQ+ Students and ColleaguesLGBTQ+: Answers to All the Questions You Never Dared to Ask.Dr. Jason Zingsheim PresentationRecording
11.8.23Immigration Policies, Rights, and BelongingThe US Immigration Policies, Rights, and Belonging in Our CommunityDr. Fatima SattarPresentationRecording
1.24.24A Survivor's Story of the Holocaust     HolocaustJudith AltmanPresentationRecording