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Dr. Joi Patterson,

Dr. Joi Patterson has over twenty-five years of experience in K-12 and Higher Education.  Dr. Joi has served in various administrative roles in higher education ranging from program director to department chair to provost.  In addition, Dr. Joi is a teacher practitioner, starting as a middle school bilingual science teacher to tenured faculty in higher education.  

As the current Director of Educator Preparation for Governors State University, Dr. Joi has the opportunity to affect academic achievement through resources, programs, and accountability.  

Dr. Joi’s  experience in K-16 teaching and learning; administration; assessment; accountability; grant writing; teaching; finance; BlackBoard administration’ web master; program development and professional development have provided her with tools and opportunities to prepare her for her current role.    

Dr. Joi maintains her mission as an educator is to increase enrollment, graduation, funding, accountability, and opportunities for all students, especially those who are underserved by providing programs, processes, and services to achieve this goal.  

Dr. Joi F. Patterson

Dr. Joi Patterson is the author of Teach Like its and Emergency and Home-Schooling - a quasi-quantitative study.  
More notably Dr. Joi publishes articles focusing on parent accountability and learning strategies.
Dr. Joi has presented at a number of local, regional and national conference on topics such as student learning, tracking improvements for accreditation and teaching strategies.
Dr. Joi is the recipient of the Indiana Innovator Fellow award for her innovation with Transition to Teaching
Dr. Joi was also the proud keynote speaker and receipient of GSU's Shero recognition.