A Message from Executive Director Scott Sowinski


Dear Friends of The Center,

With art, all things become possible. As our Executive Director, I am most excited to curate the potential found in the art around us. With our exemplary staff and incredible facilities, we have the capacity to be a transformative force in the way in which art is experienced in our Southland. This season we offer a hand-picked recipe for ‘whole’ art exposure. From Opera to Prince, New Age Quartets, light shows, compelling comedy, Jazz, world dance, and our partners in university programming, I am most excited to place art at the center of the lives of our community. Our 23-24 season offers enormous diversity giving us all the opportunity to grow and evolve through art in all forms!

The Center aims to live to that title; the center, focus, meeting space, intersection of what art means to us all. Our continued growth will be found in establishing the Center as a destination for tradition, exemplary art, and experiences that align to our community need. Our internal community at the Center is one of artistic vision. It is my hope to expand on the resources we already have while growing our imprint of quality and incomparable artistic offerings. We will align our programming to our family audiences while also expanding our multiplicity in the areas of dance, drama, and musical productions.  We will plan a range of events that offer a continuity of exposure and opportunity for art that inspires AND entertains.  We will also work to listen to our community and meet them in the moments that inform their now as we grow their artistic lens through progress. We seek to compliment the beauty of life by giving you an escape and opportunity to experience art as a central pivot to inform and expand.

I am ‘from here’ and ‘of this artistic community.’ Of all the things I might bring, the most important goal to my journey is to ignite in others the same spark I found at the Center long ago. It informed my artistic journey. I hope our work will do the same for many generations to come.


Scott Sowinski
Executive Director, Center for Performing Arts