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General Education Requirements:
59 hours
Required Courses: 69 hours
Chemistry Selective: 1 hour
Total: 129 hours

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Study to be a Chemistry Teacher Near Chicago

Use your passion for chemistry to spark a passion among the next generation of scientists, science teachers, and citizens. A chemistry teaching degree from Governors State University offers the chance to work with students and assist them in understanding this crucial field of study. Find out how this Bachelor of Science program can help you reach your career goals and explore common jobs and salaries you may be qualified for upon completing your program.

At GovState, you’ll find your new home. Just south of Chicago, our campus provides a small, tight-knit experience. This allows you to get to know your professors and make the most of your contact with industry professionals. Your chemistry education classes will feature a small student-to-faculty ratio, allowing you plenty of opportunities for in-class discussion and faculty mentorship.

Why Study Chemistry Teacher Education?

The curriculum for the undergraduate major in Chemistry with a teacher education concentration offered through the College of Arts and Sciences provides a strong background in the basic concepts of analytical, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry for the student who is interested in a career in science teaching at the secondary level.

This program at GovState equips you for a successful career in the field by combining the study of chemistry and teacher education. From the classroom to real-world experiences around Chicago’s Southland, our faculty and surroundings offer a personal education. You won’t just read about educational theories but will have opportunities to observe and lead high school science classrooms in Illinois. These features highlight the strengths of the program to allow you to succeed in your chosen career.

Are you ready to inspire a generation with your love of chemistry? Whether you’re passionate about the subject or eager to offer a quality educational environment to secondary students, the chemistry education program at GovState includes theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of chemistry. You’ll also receive in-depth educational training in classroom management, lesson planning, and other skills needed to teach at the secondary school level.

Many young students are hesitant to explore the sciences. If you are naturally excited about chemistry, or if you’ve overcome your own hesitancy and see the value of an education in the sciences, use your personal experience to share this success with future students. Many prospective chemistry teachers, scientists, and other professionals in this field were inspired by another talented and committed science teacher. Play that role in the life of other students through the BS Chemistry Teacher Education program at GovState.

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Reach Your Career Goals

Consider your career goals as you apply for a program at GovState. Are you passionate about inspiring others? Do you get excited about sharing new discoveries in the sciences? Chemistry teachers need to understand their field and continue to explore new ways to communicate that information with students. Find out how you can work with eager students and students apprehensive of the sciences to help prepare them for diverse career paths.

This program, approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, leads to the Initial Secondary License qualifying students to teach Secondary Science. Students who major in chemistry with a concentration in secondary education may obtain an endorsement that prepares them for teaching in middle school.

Upon successfully completing the BS program in chemistry education, you’ll be able to take the teaching exam in the state and receive an Illinois teaching certificate. Your new BS degree and teaching certificate will qualify you to teach chemistry in secondary schools across the state. This program can also prepare you to enter graduate school or take on a junior college position as a chemistry professor.

Not sure what role best fits your passions and skills? Explore the common jobs and salaries related to this degree. Discuss your options with trusted faculty members to find the best coursework that leads you to a career where you can thrive.

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Jobs & Salaries You Can Get With a Chemistry Teacher Education Degree

The primary job related to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Teacher Education at Governors State University is a secondary school chemistry teacher. Here are the average salaries of high school teachers and jobs and salaries your program prepares you for:

  • Middle school teacher: $59,660
  • High school teacher: $61,660 per year
  • Junior college professor: $87,850
  • College or University professor: $93,780

 The BS in chemistry education program at GovState prepares you to take the test and become a certified high school teacher in Illinois. Other jobs require additional training, degrees, or certificates to become qualified for. Every state has its own teacher certification process, so review state regulations to see if you’re qualified to use your Illinois teaching certificate in another state.

There are many other roles you can successfully take on with this degree. Explore technical schools, research labs, charter schools, online education opportunities, and other jobs that require a blend of educational theory and chemistry knowledge.

Middle school science teachers typically need a more broad education. Consider taking biology courses and other related science courses to increase the breadth of your education. Work with your advisor to see how you can best prepare for a job as a middle school science teacher.

Many teachers choose to pursue further education. This Bachelor of Science program prepares you to study either chemistry or education at the postgraduate level. Discuss your career goals with your advisor to chart a course to a career where you can thrive.

Start Your Journey Today

Take the next step in your teaching career with a BS in teaching chemistry. Apply today to see if you qualify for the program. Work with our friendly admissions team to explore financial aid options, available courses, and extracurricular activities to personalize your education. Join a thriving community of faculty and students in our small, committed campus in Chicago’s Southland.

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