Kaleidoscope provides students the unique opportunity to combine service learning and social justice with leadership.

Embark on a transformative journey of experiences and service opportunities with the Kaleidoscope Community Service Council. Students volunteer to champion causes that resonate with them and in doing so, forge new connections, hone leadership skills, cultivate a professional acumen, while making meaningful contributions to the community. Being a member is more than a call to service; it's an invitation to discover, develop, and amplify your voice on contemporary issues while becoming a civic service practitioner.

Ready to be a part of something meaningful? Find us on the Jaguar Connection or reach out via email at civicengagement@govst.edu to get details on the upcoming meeting times and locations. Your presence is not just welcomed; it's eagerly anticipated. We're excited about the prospect of seeing you there, ready to contribute to a community that values your voice and commitment to making a difference. It’s in the name, Kaleidoscope - all majors welcome!