College of Business Awards are faculty initiated recognition awards, presented at the annual college Honors Reception every spring.



  • Producer of the Year Award Gökçe SargutAssociate Professor of Management
  • Teaching Award, Michael Trendell, Lecturer in Accounting
  • Research Award, Xinghua Gao, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Service Award, Jennifer Taylor, Academic Advisor


  • Outstanding Producer Award, Carlos Ferran, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
  • Teaching Award, TJ Wang, Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Research Award, Michael Williams, Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Service Award, Susan Ji, Associate Professor of Finance   


  • Outstanding Producer Award,  Stephen Wagner, Associate Professor of Management 
  • Teaching Award, Michael Trendell, Lecturer in Accounting 
  • Research Award, Yonghong Jia, Assistant Professor of Accounting 
  • Service Award, Olumide Ijose, Associate Professor of Management 
  • University Excellence Award,  Stephen Wagner, Associate Professor of Management     


  • Teaching Award, Christopher Ann Robinson-Easley, Associate Professor of Management 
  • Research Award, Sargut Gökce, Assistant Professor of Management 
  • Service Award,Susan Gaffney, Associate Professor of Public Administration 


  • Teaching Award, Edna Fry, Lecturer in Accounting and Management Information Systems 
  • Research Award, Susan Ji, Associate Professor of Finance 
  • Service Award, Jun Zhao, Professor of Management