Michael Trendell, CPA, CIA, MBA

  University Lecturer, Senior Stat
  708-534-4949ext. 4949
  Office Location: G 197
  Office Hours: Varies by semester. Please see syllabus.
  College: COB




"To me, it’s all about the students and their outcomes. I am there to help the students and do everything I can to make them successful. How would I want an instructor to treat my son/daughter is always foremost on my mind in working with students. I like using “key words at key times” with students. I want to make sure the student is at ease and will be comfortable in coming to me for help or advice. The most rewarding aspect of my work is when a student succeeds after receiving their degree and comes back to see me. Often times I’ll ask them to speak to my class about their current work in accounting so the current students can see there will be rewards in the future for hard work now."


"I have been teaching accounting and auditing for approximately 15 years. I have 20 years’ experience in the accounting industry as the Director of Internal Audit and Director of Accounting at various hospitals in the Chicago area. What I love about having substantial industry experience in accounting is that rarely is there a topic that I teach that I haven’t actually performed in industry. Many times I’m able to bring in a “real world” example (schedule, report, etc.) from my previous experience that assists the student in understanding the concepts."


"My community service includes coaching baseball for twelve years, football for one year and Cub Scouts for eight years. In addition, my two sons and I have volunteered at a second hand shop for a local hospital for two years."

- Michael Trendell, CPA, CIA, MBA

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