A bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders is required in preparation for the Master in Health Science in Communication Disorders degree, the entry-level degree for the profession.

A Strong Foundation for a Demanding Career

A career as a Speech-Language Pathologist is demanding, and the entry-level degree for licensure and practice is the Master’s. However, the curriculum for the Master of Health Science in Communication Disorders (MHS) is demanding in itself. Students who enter a Master’s program need a comprehensive foundation to succeed.

The Bachelor of Health Science in Communication Disorders (BHS) builds that foundation. We take you from the very basics, from Phonetics to Language Development, and we build on your knowledge to bring you to more advanced concepts.

The range of subject matter is far-reaching because Speech-Language Pathologists must draw upon a wide knowledge base to understand their clients and help them improve. The BHS curriculum will prepare you to deal with issues of grammar, as well as psychology. You’ll learn anatomy, physiology, and neurosciences. And you’ll discover the foundations of education.

The BHS will give you everything you need to advance into a Master’s program and successfully complete your path to a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Frequently-Asked Questions for Prospective Graduate Students

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Part-Time/Full-Time Programs

Many students in the College of Health and Human Services are working adults. Because undergraduate courses in Communication Disorders are offered twice each year, there is great flexibility when scheduling courses. Students can attend either on a part-time or full-time basis.

One of the 3 Best Jobs for Long-Term Success: Speech-Language Pathology!

The average Speech and Language Pathologist salary in Chicago, IL is $95,736 as of March 26, 2024, according to salary.com but the range typically falls between $86,778 and $105,525. This is higher than the national average, which is $76k-110k!

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