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The Center for Community Media is a full-service media production, teaching and research center that meets the changing digital information needs of GSU students, staff, and faculty and the local communities of Will County.

The CCM serves as a hub for faculty, students and community stakeholders to work, learn, connect, and collaborate–a distillation of the community itself. Empowering media producers and helping them tell their stories, connecting them with each other, and ultimately, connecting them with audiences.

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Pilot Program: Wear Your Hat, Tell Your Story!  



What we do

Incorporating engaged journalism, we unite people to build trust, foster media literacy, support democratic engagement, increase civic awareness, and amplify the diverse voices of our region.

Adhering to the tenets of journalism, we produce and distribute quality local public service media with a focus on the compelling stories that connect local experience to state, national, and global issues. Utilizing existing web, mobile-based social media, traditional broadcast platforms and an open access institutional repository, to deliver engaged stories, the CCM serves the best practices of digital inclusion.


Established in 2018, the Center for Community Media Steering Committee is currently in year two of planning and development of four complementary and collaborative units, the Student Media Institute, Media Across Curriculum, Media Research Institute, and Digital Learning and Media Design.

CCM Accomplishments: 2018-2020

Student Media Institute

The Student Media Institute (SMI) consists of GSUTV, Sports Broadcasting, a live sports broadcast, and the Phoenix, a hybrid print and online newspaper advised by faculty and staff. The student media now shares production and work space in Digital Learning and Media Design, the television studios to promote student collaboration, learning, and professionalization.  The SMI provides support for “Student Produced” production standards to ensure compliance with national standards for student media competitions. In 2019, GSU joined the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) to provide SMI students with opportunities for competition and networking. In terms of programming, SMI produced three programs consisting of two short video series and one stand-alone graduate level journalism segment. Featured above, Wear Your Hat, Tell Your Story!, is an example of a student Speaker's Corner pilot project. Students submitted to the BEA Festival of Media competition for the first time, in fall 2019. The content in each of these venues include articles, interviews, editorials, and cartoons that are driven by the students. The views expressed may not always be shared by the university. Any member of the university community may voice an opinion through submitting a letter to the editor. 

Media Across Curriculum

The Media Across the Curriculum (MAC) initiative supports the integration of media literacy, production, distribution, and community development across the curriculum. In partnership with Digital Learning and Media Design, Drs. Kerri Morris and Novia Pagone integrated MAC into their learning community. Professor Morris describes the project as follows, “the project extends across the two classrooms, inviting students to analyze storytelling techniques, research and collaborate in one context, write and revise in another with the interaction of two teachers and then to work with junior and senior media students and a faculty advisor in a third context. In the process they learned about their campus, themselves, the writing and revision process, and the transformative power of the media.” A poster presentation based on the project is scheduled for presentation at the 2020 Gateway Course Experience Conference. In Fall 2020 MAC looks forward to working with Restorative Justice faculty.

Media Research Institute

The Media Research Institute Fellowship Program, scheduled for 2020-2021, is an academic year-long Fellowship Program. The fellowship aims to stimulate research projects that through incorporating media foster democratic engagement, increase civic awareness, and amplify the diverse voices of our region, leading to publication or broadcast. The program seeks to accomplish these goals by: 

-Working in partnership with Digital Learning and Media Design, providing media production support to individuals whose work is of value to the mission and vision of the CCM in serving the information needs of our community.

-Supporting the final stages of an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary media research project or a project with a media outcome that clearly explores a component relevant to the Mission and Vision of the CCM.

-Furthering the mission of the CCM to support diverse storytellers to tell their stories and to reach audiences.

For more information, contact:
Deborah James, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Media Studies
Director, Center for Community Media Steering Committee


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