Welcome to the Southland Health and Wellness Hour podcast, and audio series focused on the healthcare and holistic concerns most important in Chicago's south side and southern suburbs. Together with community members and healthcare experts, we're re-thinking, re-framing, and re-making important conversations about our community healthcare with community wellness and social justice as our goal. Community participation is key at the SHWH podcast. Our dialogues are driven by you. To ask questions or share your experiences, send us an email at communitymedia@govst.edu.

Meet the Host

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Rhonda Jackson is a Chicago native now residing in the Southland. She has over 20 years of experience in higher education administration and holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her passion for social justice, love of children, and her deep commitment to justice-driven public policy, led to her service on the WBEZ Chicago Public Radio Sounding Board as well as inspiring her to create a nascent non-profit that aims to serve children and Arts educators in Chicago’s Southland. Rhonda’s work with the Southland Health and Wellness Hour podcast and the Center for Community Media unites her expertise in media and the arts with her desire to foster a more equitable society in service to the GSU community.

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    Roberson Headshot

    Dr. Tonya Roberson is Director of Community Engagement, Program Development, and Academic Support and an adjunct faculty member at Governors State University.


    Covid-19 Series 1. What is the Problem & its Impact


    Watson Headshot

    Dr. Karriem Watson, Director of Community Engaged Research and Implementation Science at the University of Illinois Cancer Center, and Instructor, UIC School of Public Heath, Community Health Sciences

    Williams Headshot

    Christina Ruiz Williams, graduate student at Governors State University.

    Covid-19 Series 2. Who Does it Impact the Most and Why? A Discussion about Racism and Discrimination


    Johnson Headshot

    Cheryl Johnson, Executive Director of  People for Community Recovery, Chicago, IL

    Cleaveland Headshot

    Dr. Lolita Cleveland, Founder/CEO of CRUMB Enterprises, Chicago, IL

    Covid-19 Series 3. Are We All in this Together? The Importance of Participating in Biomedical Research


    Ashley McKinney

    Ashley McKinney, Mobile Unit Coordinator at the University of Chicago Institute of Population and Precision Health (IPPH), Chicago, IL

    Janice Knox

    Janice Knox, Lead Community Ambassador, The University of Chicago Institute of Population and Precision Health (IPPH), Chicago, Illinois

    Covid-19 Series 4: Your health, why it is a number one priority. How can you be an advocate of your own health?


    Janice Philips

    Dr. Janice Phillips, Associate Professor, Department of Community Systems and Mental Health Nursing College of Nursing, Rush University,  Chicago, Illinois

    Phyllis L. Rogers

    Phyllis L. Rodgers, Founder & President of Peer Plus Education & Training Advocates

    Episode 7: Social Work for Social Justice: Examples, and Practices

    This episode is being presented out of sequence and brought to you as part of GSU's 2021 Black History Month Celebration. This is made possible in part through the help of an Healing Illinois grant. To learn more about the Healing Illinois initiative, visit the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) website by clicking the logo below.

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    Dr. Cheryl Green

    Dr. Cheryl Green, President of Governors State University

    Dr. Gerri Outlaw

    Dr. Gerri Outlaw, Department Chair of Social Work at Governors State University