The Student Senate represents YOU on campus. The Senate advocates for policies that benefit every student and supports more than 70 clubs and organizations that can play a big role in your college experience. Members are active on standing Governors State University committees, offering their voice on students’ behalf to the administration and the board of trustees.

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Student Senate at Governors State University

 The mission of the Student Senate is to promote the general welfare of GSU students. This is accomplished through the representation of student concerns, viewpoints and interests regarding governance issues to the administration, staff and faculty.

 Through this work, the Student Senate will strive to improve the quality of the academic and co-curricular experience at GSU and provide developmental opportunities for its members.


Student Senate

2019-2020 Leadership Team

Kristiana Russell – President
Mark Tyler – Vice President
Kendall King – Treasurer
Rebecca Doherty – Secretary
Kevelin Muhammad-Conner – CAS Senator
Kayla Battle – First Year Senator
Christopher Mallard – Junior Student Senator
Jeanine Latrice Koger – Diversity Student Senator
Cynthia Beekman – Transfer Student Senator
Justin Jackson – Veteran Student Senator
Desiree Campbell – Student Activities Council Senator


Board of Trustee Student Representative 

Lester Van Moody

Illinois Board of Higher Education Student Representative

 Nia Douglas


 Upcoming Events


2019 Fall Events 


  • FEBRUARY 6 - This meeting has been moved to Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 1pm in B2203 due to Campus Symposium on the 6th

  • MARCH 5

  • APRIL 2


GSU Rocks the Vote!

In partnership with Illinois Campus Compact,  the American Association of State Colleges and Universities(AASCU), CEEP, and  GSU’s Civic Engagement and Community Service Center the Student Senate has taken an active role to engage students and community members in the democratic engagement.  Through the GSU Rocks the Vote campaign the student senate members are deputy registrars and can register anyone residing in the state of Illinois, no matter what county you reside in to vote and/or update voters registration information 
 Student Senate will hold voter registration drives at Governors State University in the Hall of Governors.  The event is open to the public.

  • Student Senators


     The Senate includes three members from the College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences, one member from the College of Health and Human Services, a Board of Trustee Student representative and the Illinois Board of Higher Education Student representative. The Student Senate holds two elections each academic year, one during each fall and spring semester. This means you can get involved soon after becoming a GSU student.  

  • 2019-2020 Student Senate Election Packet


     Please click here to access the 2019-2020 Student Senate Election Packet and flyer.



  • Student Fee and Finance Committee (SFFC)


     The Student Fees/Finance Committee (SFFC) of the Student Senate is responsible for recommending fee distributions for the Student Activity Fees to the Assistant Dean of Students.  The Assistant Dean of Students as the designated fee administrator serves as a resource/information source to the Committee. The budget for the next fiscal year is developed by the Committee and recommended to the Assistant Dean of Students.  Faculty representatives may be asked to participate in the discussions, but they are not voting members.  The Assistant Dean of Students makes the final recommendation to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

    Student Activity Fees facilitate the development and maintenance of extra and co-curricular activities on and off-campus which increase the ability of students to enrich/enhance their educational goals. The development of a “sense of community” is a key ingredient in attempts to create a sense of belonging among the student population. Student Activity Fees help support clubs and organizations, including the Student Senate and the Phoenix.


    Any student club or organization, which has been recognized by the Student Life Unit of Governors State University (GSU) is eligible for funding throughout any present fiscal year and for the following fiscal years to come. These groups are referred to as Recognized Organizations, or ROs. To become an RO, an organization must complete and submit a New Club/Organization Packet to the Student Life Unit for approval.


    Please click here to access the Budget Packet.