Sabrina Slocum is the Academic Advisor for Communication, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Media Studies and Theatre and Performance Studies.

About Sabrina Slocum:

Pronouns:   she/her/hers.

What was your undergraduate major and/or graduate program in?

She has a BA- Marketing and MS/MA in MBA & COMM   

How long have you been with GSU?

She has been at GSU since 2011.  

 What is one piece of advice you have for students?  

Remember to believe in yourself, as long as you believe it and commit to it you will achieve it.

 What is your favorite TV show?

Book-Dan Brown books

Movie-Love Jones & The Matrix

TV Show-This Is Us

What is your favorite thing about GSU?

The commitment and dedication of the instructors and staff towards the students. 

A quote that she really like:  Live Love Laugh Laugh

Sabrina's Introductory Video is at


Sabrina's phone:  708.534.102