GSU Recruitment Partners

We are waiting to welcome you to GSU! We encourage you to apply directly to the university either on your own or with the help of our in-country representative, but you may also contact one of our official recruitment partners below for assistance.

GSU Country Manager (India) 

Northern and Southern India: Mahendra Singh Thakur


Abroad Campus (India)

Access American Education (Vietnam)  

Beijing Prepare (China)   

Campus Connect (India)  

Career Mosaic (India)

DSS Educational Services (Vietnam)

Ellacy Global Education (Vietnam)

ELS Educational Services (Global)

Enbee Educational Center (India)

Gurukul Overseas (India, U.S.)

Krishna Consultancy (KC Overseas Education) (India)  

Mericler (Canada, India, Libya, Jordan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates)

Texas Review (India)

University Study (Global)