GSU ALERT: We will be posting updates here on the water advisory situation for the area around University Park.


Boil Order - January 9, 2020

 GSU Alert: Due to a car accident in the industrial park area of University Park, Governors State University has experienced a loss of water pressure.

As a result, a campus-wide water boil alert has been issued for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth until further notice.



Water Advisory Update - Friday, August 30

Governors State University recently experienced a loss of water pressure from our water supplier.

Through GSU’s routine water sampling, locations tested included FDC, Prairie Place, and main campus. All tests came back negative for the main campus and FDC. Prairie Place, however, received positive results for total Coliform bacteria, with no concerns regarding lead contamination and E. coli.  GSU will continue water sampling monthly.

A precautionary boil water order is currently in place for Prairie Place. Residents are advised to use filtered or bottled water for cooking and teeth brushing until further notice. The university will be performing additional tests next week and will update you on the status of the boil order.

For residents who want to cook please make sure you allow the water to come to a full rolling boil, approximately one minute before adding food products. Bottles of water will be made available to residents at the Prairie Place Front Desk.  Please bring your ID to confirm that you are a Prairie Place resident.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to respond to this precautionary boil order. We will continue to update you as information is available. If you have any questions, please send an email with your question(s) to



Water Advisory Update - Wednesday, June 26 

As you know from campus communications on Monday, June 17, Aqua Illinois confirmed that the water supplying the Governors State University community was safe to consume.

In an abundance of caution, GSU independently collected water samples on June 19, 2019 throughout campus, with particular attention to Prairie Place and the Family Development Center. Results from those samples were received today (June 26, 2019) and confirmed Aqua Illinois’s conclusion that the water samples from Prairie Place and the Family Development Center are safe based on the standards established by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

This week, GSU collected another set of water samples to affirm the continued safety levels and will update the campus when we receive those results. We anticipate that these results will be available publicly on, or after, July 8, 2019. GSU will continue to independently sample water on a monthly basis for the upcoming year to monitor water quality levels. Please email Carolyn Johnson, GSU Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, for questions about our water safety practices.



Water Advisory Update - Tuesday, June 25 

On Saturday June 15, 2019 Aqua Illinois collected water samples at Prairie Place and the Family Development Center.  After analysis of these samples, it was concluded by Aqua Illinois that the water samples from the Family Development Center and Prairie Place did not contain unsafe levels of lead.

Test results from Prairie Place (first sample) showed lead levels of 0.226 ug/L (0.226 parts per billion).

Test results found in Prairie Place (second sample) and FDC were <0.500 ug/L (<0.500 parts per billion) and are considered not quantifiable.

Neither level exceeds the Illinois Department of Public Health’s allowable lead level of 5 ug/L (5 parts per billion).

Governors State University independently collects and tests water samples at Prairie Place and the Family Development Center on a routine basis.  Those results confirm Aqua’s conclusion that the water samples from Prairie Place and the Development Center are safe based on the standards established by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

As an added precaution, and in an effort to independently validate Aqua Illinois, Governors State University is currently testing water samples and will update this site with further updates as soon as results are available. 

Water Advisory - Friday, June 21 [updated, June 25, 2019]

On Friday, June 14, 2019, Aqua Illinois issued a “do not consume” water advisory after discovering what appeared to be higher levels of lead in routine water samples taken from throughout the service area. After rigorous re-testing, Aqua lifted the advisory for Governors State University on Sunday, June 16. In an effort to resolve questions and provide reassurance about the safety and well-being of our community, see our answers below. 

Is the water safe to consume? 
Yes, on Sunday, June 16, Aqua Illinois called and emailed stakeholders alerting them that certain parts of the service area had been cleared: “Through localized testing, Aqua Illinois has eliminated some areas from the do not consume notice. those areas include Arbors at Hickory Creek, Fairway Club Estates, Pine Woods Court, Governors State University and all service areas West of I-57.’’ Read Aqua’s full advisory here.

Was the water unsafe for the GSU community at any time over the weekend? 
No, Aqua has reported that an adjustment in the water treatment appears to have changed the water chemistry which allowed the lead found in lead soldering in water pipes to be released into the water. Piping throughout GSU’s campus is galvanized, copper, and a modified polyurethane. Rigorous testing has determined the university’s water supply, including the FDC, does not contain unsafe levels of lead. Other areas outside of Governors State University may still be affected, however. As a precautionary measure, GSU has routinely sampled water across campus annually since 2017.  GSU will continue to monitor and test water regularly.

What precautions can we take?
Although Aqua Illinois has confirmed water in some parts of University Park is safe to consume, authorities still recommend residents flush their systems for two minutes prior to consumption. As an added precaution, GSU is providing the FDC and Prairie Place with bottled water which can be used for drinking, cooking, making prepared drinks and teeth brushing until further notice.

Are test results available to us?
Yes, please email Carolyn Johnson, GSU Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, for a full report.

Where can we go for more information?
For future Aqua Illinois updates and/or join the mail list, please visit the website at or call 877-987-2782.

University Park is also hosting information sessions through the weekend. Visit to learn more. 



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