To make sure the GSU campus is safe and easy to navigate, we have parking and traffic regulations. They provide clear and consistent procedures and enforcement guidelines to keep you safe, whether you're walking or driving. These regulations are in effect and enforced throughout the year. The Police Department reserves the right to amend the regulations as deemed necessary by the Chief of Police. During special events, certain areas may be designated as reserved parking zones. Reserved parking is approved by the Chief of Police on a case-by-case basis. Violators will be ticketed.


During special events, certain areas may be designated as reserved parking zones. Reserved parking is approved by the Chief of Police on a case-by-case basis. Be aware: Violators will be ticketed.

Overnight Parking

 Overnight parking is available for students, staff, faculty and Prairie Place visitors. Advise the Police Department if your vehicle will be parked overnight. You will need to provide the vehicle description, license plate, time of arrival, time of departure, and contact information. For all overnight parking use West Lot 2 parking Lot.

Visitors and Guest Parking

 All GSU parking lots are available to visitors and guests with the exception of Prairie Place and other designated parking areas. All university parking and traffic regulations are enforced by the GSU Police Department. 

Disabled Parking

 GSU is compliant with all Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Parking spaces are reserved in all parking lots for disabled students, faculty, staff and visitors. Use is restricted to vehicles which:

  • Display the current official disabled State license plate.
  • Display the current official State disabled parking window placard.
  • Display the current university’s temporary disabled pass issued by GSU Police Department.  

If you need a temporary disabled pass for GSU parking only, contact the Police Department and have documentation from a physician stating the reasons for the request. The pass is good for up to 14 days after issuance. If a temporary disabled parking pass is required longer than 14 days, it is recommended that you apply for a temporary handicap placard through the Secretary of State's Office.

Violation of Disabled Parking Regulations results in a state mandated $250 fine per occurrence.

  • Unauthorized use of parking places reserved for persons with disabilities: ILCS 11-1301.3
  • Unlawful use of disability plate or placard: ILCS 11-1301.3 (a-1) 

Hybrid / Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Preferred Parking Program

At GSU we support the use of fuel efficient vehicles with specially designated parking spaces..

  • To see if your vehicle qualifies as a fuel efficient vehicle please visit Be sure to check this site frequently, as the list changes.  
  • In order to park in these spaces your vehicle must be on the list.
  • Please note that parking in the fuel efficient spaces is based on a first come first serve basis and there is no guarantee of a preferred space.
  • Any vehicle parked in the Hybrid/Fuel Efficient parking space that is not on the list will be issued a parking citation.

Location of Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Parking  

  • West Lot 1 has 6 spaces
  • East Lot 1 has 6 spaces
  • F wing entrance has 3 spaces

If you have any questions, please contact Public Safety at 708.534.4900