Transparency and accountability are priorities of GovState and the State of Illinois. As a state institution, the University is subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which provides public access to most government documents and records.

The GovState FOIA Officer processes all requests for records received by the University in accordance with FOIA. The FOIA Officer may be reached as follows:

Kaitlyn Anne Wild
Director of Compliance and FOIA Officer
1 University Parkway – G338
University Park, IL 60484
Phone: 708.534.4846 (for questions only)

FOIA Requests

Tips for making a records request to GovState under FOIA:

  • As permitted by law, for administrative and environmental purposes, we prefer but do not require FOIA requests to be submitted via email to
  • Oral requests, whether submitted by telephone or otherwise, are not accepted.
  • For the convenience of requestors, GovState has created a “FOIA Request” form as both a regular PDF and a fillable PDF (use of this form is not required).
  • Prior to filing a formal FOIA request, requestors may want to contact GovState’s Manager of Media and External Relations, Zion Banks (; 708.235.7685) or see the links to regularly requested records provided below to determine if the information/records desired are immediately available.
  • Requests not submitted via email should be directed to the address of the FOIA Officer listed above.

Every FOIA request, regardless of submission method, should include the following information for GovState:

  • The requestor’s preferred name
  • An address to which the requested records may be sent
  • Contact information with which GovState may reach the requestor with any questions
  • A clear description of the record(s) being sought
  • A statement that the records are being requested under FOIA
  • A statement whether the request is being made for a “commercial purpose” as defined under FOIA
  • If applicable, a request for a reduced or waived fee as described in FOIA

GovState, through the FOIA Officer or their designee, will respond to all records requests received under FOIA in writing as prescribed by FOIA.

Commonly Requested Records

Here are links to GovState webpages that contain commonly sought records:


In accordance with FOIA, GovState reserves the right to charge fees and costs to a requestor as follows:

  • If paper copies of records are requested, the first 50 standard sized, black and white pages are free, and any additional pages are 15 cents a page. For color copies or unusually sized copies, the University charges the actual cost of copying.
  • For copies of records requested on CD or other recorded medium, the University charges for the cost of the media used.

For more information about the Illinois Freedom of Information Act in general and the enforcement thereof, please visit the Illinois Attorney General’s webpage.