Digital Learning and Media Design is fully equipped to handle a wide range of location field productions, multimedia and video projects.

With four Panasonic HPX-170 cameras and a wide range of location lighting and audio equipment, we are capable of filming programs in high definition (1280:720p) in any situation or location. We can cover everything from interviews to b-roll and live event coverage. Sound can be recorded on-site directly through a camera for a simple production or pre-mixed separately for more complicated productions.

In addition to location field equipment we also have the capability of producing high definition (1280:720p) multi-camera coverage of events with on-site live switching and live audio mixing.

With three manual cameras and three robotic cameras, our department is capable of providing a full six camera setup on location. The program can be switched live and mixed live while recording to P2 media as well as output to external monitor sources.

For more information regarding field production services, contact Josh Young or 708.235.2826.

  • What We Offer


    Concept development
    Script writing
    Remote multi-camera television production
    Multi-camera studio production
    Set design and construction
    Audio production and sound design
    Multimedia design, animation and web design

  • Facilities


    Studio A 

    We offer a fully operational, high definition (1280:720p) production studio. It is set up for a three-camera production with the capability of being switched live from the control room next door. If required, the studio can be converted to accommodate up to six cameras, which can also be switched live.

    The studio is equipped with a wide range of professional lighting instruments and a state-of-the-art lighting board to provide a versatile lighting setup for any production. The lighting control systems can also be programmed for multiple lighting setups in a single production.  

    Sound for studio productions is recorded and mixed using a high-end sound board located in the control room audio suite. 

    Media is recorded onto P2 cards and can then be transferred to any one of our three Edit Suites for post-production editing. 

    Edited programs can be exported for audio sweetening and DVD authoring for the final complete distribution package.   

    Studio B 

    We also offer a professional-grade production studio designed for a wide range of standard definition (720:480p) programs, with the same amenities as Studio A.

    For information regarding Studios A and B services, please contact Josh Young or 708.235.2826.


    Digital Learning and Media Design has long maintained a standard for capturing and ensuring the best quality of audio and video. With the addition of the new high definition room for Pro Tools, the DLMD is capable of audio post, sweetening and voice over. 

    With our new editing room we can take your project from Media Composer and sweeten the mix with industry-standard Avid software, Pro Tools and Media Composer. Aphex Mic pres are assigned at the front end of our signal flow along with the Aphex Anaconda’s analog/digital ins and outputs via optical cable or fiber link. This feature places the high definition room into a unique position of being versatile in the analog and digital world of audio. We have a private, voice-over booth capable of doubling as a Foley room. 

    With our beautiful campus as a backdrop, our entire high definition Room is 100 percent portable, allowing us to capture your performance from anywhere on our grounds where a fiber cable is accessible.

    DVD Authoring

    DLMD takes media to the next level through DVD authoring. Our DVD authors create products that increase the ease and usability of media. Our Apple DVD Studio Pro is one of the top authoring systems on the market. We create a simple “play only” DVD or a multi-menu, interactive DVD with video, glossaries, commentaries and self testing.