Examining Race in America

An unarmed African American man dies at the hands of Minneapolis police in May of 2020, kicking off a long summer of protests to raise the consciousness of America. In “Examining Race in America,” Governors State University scholars explore the systemic tentacles of racism in policies and practices as old as the nation itself. The scholars also explore solutions that will help the nation move forward and advance the university’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the communities we serve.
This multimedia series is comprised of 7 stories, 5 videos, and 3 podcasts. Links are embedded at the bottom of each story.
Examining Race in America: A Governors State University Multimedia Series

More than 150 years after the United States abolished slavery, African Americans continue to face daily challenges while other races flourish. Here, Governors State University’s experts explore disparities and shine a light on the path to a brighter, more equitable, future.

Examining Race in America: Education

Disparities in resource allocation manifest in achievement gaps that leave African American students behind. Education Professor Marlon Cummings explains how school funding impacts student success.

Examining Race in America: Environmental Equity
Environmental Equity

Community Health Professor Joseph Day says environmental racism reflects a value judgement against African Americans and other people of color. The impact manifests in negative health trends and can be felt across the lifecycle of these communities.

Examining Race in America: Food Inequity
Food Equity

Despite what seems like a swamp of fast food restaurants and low-tier food outlets, many African American communities are considered food deserts. Political Science Professor Donald Culverson explains the impact of food inequity on local communities.

Examining Race in America: Health Care
Health Care

Social determinants create health care disparities and higher morbidity rates in the Black community. Dr. Tonya Roberson explains African Americans’ relationship with the health care system, while Dr. Lorri Glass gives context to mental health disparities.

Examining Race in America: Policing

The U.S. policing system is distinctly American and the culture surrounding it reflects its origins rooted in social control. Criminal Justice Professor Jarrod Shanahan explores the call to “defund the police,’’ and Dr. Joao Salm explains the principles of Restorative Justice.

Examining Race in America: Moving Forward
Moving Forward

Social Work Professor Phyllis West acknowledges the pain of America’s past and uses it to move forward in self-determination. Inspired by African American ancestors, West delivers a powerful interpretation of Dr. Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise.”