Early Childhood Education (Post-BA)

The Early Childhood Education Program offers those teachers already holding an Elementary Education or Special Education license, a “license only” track that does not lead to a Master of Arts degree. Contact academic advisor Carla Johnson for more information. 


Prior to recommendation for entitlement leading to certification in Early Childhood Education, all candidates must document passing the ILTS Early Childhood Content Exam and ILTS EC APT Exam.

 Additional Requirements:

Candidates whose elementary education student teaching experience or minimum one-year full time teaching experience was not at the kindergarten, first, second or third grade level, must also take:

15 additional credit hours

Additional Approval Consideration:

Candidates wishing to apply to ISBE for the optional Special Education Approval that can be placed on an ISBE Early Childhood Education Teaching License must document completing the below courses:


Those who complete the entitlement/license Early Childhood Education have the option of applying these credits towards the M.A. in Early Childhood Education. All admission requirements to the M.A. in Early Childhood will apply, as well as prerequisites and time restrictions.

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