The Cable Television (CATV) system in Prairie Place is an all-digital system which includes some high-definition channels.

In order to take full advantage, please be sure to bring a digital TV with a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Tuner). While most televisions made since 2009 have this capability it is important to note this requirement when purchasing a television to be used on campus. A QAM tuner enables your digital TV to receive digital cable channels directly without a set top box. If you are unsure if your TV has a QAM tuner, please check with your TV's manufacturer.

If you still have an analog TV (tube TV) you can continue to use it by purchasing a converter box. Our university partner for cable service recommends the Pico Digital -HD-2.1-High Definition MPEG-2/4 QAM Set-Top Box with CAS converter box.

Note: NTSC Tuner & ATSC Tuner (Not Compatible)

Channel Scan

Due to our digital CATV system on campus your television may need to go through a process called Channel Scan. This scan allows the television to receive the digital channels. Please follow the steps below to successfully troubleshoot a problem with CATV.

  1. Go to the menu screen on the television
  2. Find a section named Channel or Setup; select Cable
  3. Look for Auto Channel Search or Channel Scan
  4. Begin the search or scan for digital and analog channels. The scan take up to 45 minutes. Allow the channel scan to complete since some channels are added right at the end
  5. When complete, scroll through some channels to verify that there are digital channels

For more information about your digital TV connection in Prairie Place, please review the information on the  Campus Televideo Customer Service Center:

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I set up my TV to receive TV channels?


    A: Follow these steps:
    1.Connect a coaxial cable from the TV wall outlet to the input port on the back of your cable-ready TV.

    2.Connect the TV power cord to the wall electrical outlet and turn on TV.

    3.Using your TV remote, select Menu and then select and run the Auto-Setup feature. Refer to your user manual for instructions.

    If you're not receiving cable TV after following these instructions, double-check all coaxial connections. If there's still no reception, contact the GSU Helpdesk at: 708.534.HELP (4357) or via email at

  • Will my old analog TV still work with TV?


    A: The TV system offers only digital channels. Old style, analog televisions will not work on the TV system.

  • Can a laptop with a TV tuner be used?


    A: Yes, a laptop with a TV tuner installed can be used to watch TV.  TV offers SD and HD digital stations. Any tuner that can receive an HD or SD signal will work. There is no need to decode TV digital signals as they are delivered using clear QAM.

  • Is a converter box needed to receive HD channels?


    A: No, you do not need a converter box to receive the HD channels if you have an HD compatible television.

  • Is there hardware required to view HD channels?


    A: The minimum hardware required to view HD channels is an HD compatible television. Television sets should be purchased based on the user's preferences and needs. Users are encouraged to use the same consumer product resources they would when evaluating and purchasing other electronic equipment. TV staff do not evaluate television sets nor do they provide recommendations on which sets work best.

  • Will a Standard Definition television set. work?


    A: No, HD programming can only be viewed on an HD compatible television set.

  • Why do digital channel numbers include a period?


    A: Digital channel numbers include a period between the numbers on the channel lineup card due to the technology differences between analog and digital television, multiple digital channels can fit within one channel. This is similar to radio channels, which also use decimals.

  • Can I use the Auto-Setup option?


    A: Yes, the HD channels can be programmed using the Auto-Setup option on most sets. However, this may vary depending on the manufacturer of the television set.

  • How do I know if I am bringing the right TV?


    A: Only Digital televisions that have SD or HD capabilities will be able to view the SD and/or HD programming on TV.

  • Will a DVR work with my TV?


    A: If the tuner in your DVR supports signals transmitted in a Clear QAM format, then it will be able to receive and record all of the digital and HD channels. (There is one exception with TiVo DVR.)

  • Where can I find the listing guide and schedule?


    The GSU TV listings are available here

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