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Internship Application for Academic Credit & Process to Apply


Internships Steps and Deadlines (for course credit) 

STEP 1. Verify Eligibility - To be eligible a student must: 

  1. Have appropriate academic background.   
  2. Have arranged with a COB faculty member to serve as your supervisor of the Internship.   
  3. Have obtainedall necessary signatures (academic advisor, faculty coordinator, division chair, and internship employer supervisor).   
  4. Limit concurrent enrollment to no more than 12 hours.   
  5. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for graduate students or 2.5 for undergraduate students                                                                                                     
  6. Make arrangements with internship site including a description of duties. (Description must be attached on company letterhead).   
  7. Attach a typed statement of your learning objectives and goals, resume and cover letter.   

STEP 2. Be prepared to apply for an internship. Contact the Office of Career Services to have a cover letter and resume reviewed ( 708-235-3974).

STEP 3. Arrange an internship with an employer. Internships are arranged between the student and the employer. Although some employers may hold campus interviews, students must schedule other internship interviews between the student and employer. The internship must allow for a minimum of 120 work hours in order to receive 3 hours of academic credit.    

STEP 4. Complete the internship application and Site Information form including making arrangements with the internship site supervisor to sign off and provide a description of internship position and duties.  

STEP 5. Make arrangements with a GSU College of Business faculty member to serve as faculty supervisor. Provide all required documentation, including a copy of your resume and cover letter with the completed Application Request form with signatures. 

STEP 6. Attach a typed statement of your learning objectives and goals and include a copy of your resume and cover letter.

STEP 7. Submit Application and required documents to your academic advisor by the appropriate due date. Applications received after the posted date may not be accepted

        • Fall Internships- Submit Application by August 1
        • Spring Internships- Submit Application by December 1
        • Summer Internships- Submit Application by April 1 

Undergraduate Business Advisors

Kerri O'Shea (Undergraduate – Accounting M-Z, Business Administration A-L)                                          Email:
Phone: 708-534-6980
Office Location: C3396               

Ivan Soto (Undergraduate - Business Administration M-Z, Business and Applied Science, Economics, Manufacturing Management)
Phone: 708-534-8045
Office Location: C3397

Paula McMullen (Undergraduate – Accounting A-L)
Phone: 708-235-2221
Office Location: C3398

Graduate Business Advisor

Jennifer Taylor (MBA, MSA, MSMIS)
Phone: 708-534-4931
Office Location: G278 
Office Hours: Monday 10:30am to 7:00pm 
Tuesday - Friday 8:30am to 5pm 

  STEP 8.  Your Division Chair must also sign and approve your application packet. Provide all required documentation and signatures for this final step.    

Dr. David Green, AFME Division Chair; Accounting, Finance, MIS, and Economics
Phone: 708-534-4967
Office Location: G298 

Dr. Olu Ijose, MME Division Chair; Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
Phone: 708-534-4932
Office Location: G297 


COB Internship Guide

COB Internship Guide

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