Dress for Success 

Appearance plays an important part in making a good impression and in the hiring decision. What you wear and how you present yourself says a lot about you. Looking professional will also add to your confidence.        

Attire guidelines for any internship or job interview:

1. While you should research the company ahead of time to find out what is appropriate at the organization, you should always wear professional attire for your interview. Even if the company norm is jeans and a t-shirt, you are not a part of that organization or team, YET. 

2. Generally this is not a time to show off your personal style. You want to draw attention to what you can contribute to the organization with your skills and abilities, not your unique color pallet or style.   

3.A suit, dress shirt and tie, dress, or pant suit of black, grey, or navy will make a positive impression. Clean and pressed, of course. Garments should be comfortable fitting, not to tight, short, skimpy or baggy.  

4. There is a time and a place for sneakers, but this is not one of them.  

5. Simple, minimal jewelry and remove nose or tongue rings.  

6. Don’t forget: well-groomed hair (including facial hair), and nails, light makeup and fresh breath are important in that first impression. Keep in mind that perfume can trigger allergies and headaches with an interviewer.  


COB Internship Guide

COB Internship Guide