Many school districts are currently having difficulty hiring qualified science teachers - especially chemistry teachers. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition" 

Developing Expertise
In an important field where teachers are consistently in short supply, chemistry teachers help students understand the how and why of the natural and physical environment.

As a chemistry educator, you will guide students toward new knowledge, and the discovery of the logic, simplicity and design behind complex events in the natural world.

The undergraduate Chemistry with Teacher Education Concentration major provides you with a strong background in the basic concepts of analytical, organic, physical and inorganic chemistry for a career in science teaching at the secondary level.

Outstanding Preparation
At Governors State University, the Chemistry Education Certificate program leads to a post-baccalaureate certificate that prepares students who already have an undergraduate degree in chemistry for rewarding careers as teachers at the secondary level.

The sequence of coursework is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education and leads to an initial secondary licensure in chemistry. You can also obtain an endorsement for teaching in middle school.

To be recommended for an Illinois State Board of Education teaching license, you must present evidence of having passed the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly Basic Skills), Subject-Matter Knowledge, and Assessment of Professional Teaching examinations of the Illinois Certification Testing System.

You must complete a student teaching requirement in chemistry and must meet other requirements for licensure through approved programs in the Teacher Education and Certification section of the GSU catalog.

Program Fact Sheet