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theNate —  Giving Tuesday

Outdoors@theNate Education Tours

Support our outdoor laboratory of learning! Outdoors@theNate is an interactive hands-on learning experience that engages students in activities touching on S.T.E.A.M. principles; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Students collaborate with one another to come up with solutions to problems, think critically, and be active. The Nate presents a rich alternative learning space and offers lessons on things like proportion, scale, creativity, and more. Students receive activity sheets, and teachers receive a Natebook to accompany this innovative program designed to attract elementary through early high school classes. Tours may be customized to meet individual group needs.


Add some SPEED to our efforts to make public art accessible to children with disabilities!

Did you know that children with disabilities have limited opportunities to participate in community activities like visiting museums and parks because of how they are designed? Sometimes the design of the building, uneven land terrain, and social support within a community can act as barriers to these young students.GSU Occupational Therapy Students collaborated with the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park staff to make it possible for 65 students from SPEED S.E.J.A # 802 (Special Education Joint Agreement to visit the park. SPEED S.E.J.A is a Cooperative of fifteen school districts that was formed to provide specialized instruction and related services to students with disabilities along with service, support and information to parents, the community, and fellow educators.

Students conducted an evaluation of the Sculpture Park to identify the enablers (supports) and barriers that exist within the environment and identified solutions to adapt the environment including creating an accessible map for children to follow, developing Sculpture Park related social stories, making headphones and sun glasses available for students, should they experience sensory processing related issues during the event.

Help The Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park add some more SPEED to this great initiative by donating!
Making each group’s experience accessible costs over $1500.


Conservation of House Divided

Everyone who is familiar with the Illinois weather—the polar vortex winters, blazing hot summers, and everything in between—will understand that anything left out in that weather really takes a beating. The masterworks in our collection are made to last, but conservation, restoration, and maintenance is still an ongoing part of our role as stewards of the collection. Help the Park repair the concrete and paint Bruce Nauman’s House Divided.


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