This calculator will help determine estimated tuition and fees for Academic Year 2021-2022 and is not an invoice nor contract.

Compared to most competitors, Governors State University has NOT raised tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year! Governors State University tuition and fees are among the lowest in Illinois, giving you even more value to your education without sacrificing quality.

Indiana Students: Please note, Indiana residents (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels) pay the same tuition as Illinois residents. Select “non-resident” if your official residence is outside of Illinois or Indiana. Tuition and fee information can be found at this link.

For the Academic Year 2022-2023 Tuition Calculator, please click here.

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Off-Campus Programs
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Career Counseling
Student Center
Strategic Initiative
Student Activity
University Facilities
Parking and Walkway Maintenance
Health Services
Online/Off-Campus Services
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