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Teaching and Leading with Dr. Amy and Dr. Joi is a podcast supported by Governors State University’s Center for Community Media. This outreach to educators began in November of 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic and continues today as we shift to a new normal. We talk to guests from every aspect of education -- teachers, students, administrators, support personnel, and parents. You will hear a range of educators and topics, all of them with lasting relevance to our ongoing work of bringing attention to education and elevating the importance of diversity and inclusion. Whether you are a first time or long-time listener, you will enjoy interviews with local, national, and international guests on topics such as historical and cultural identities, community engagement, restorative justice, and leadership. Join us in our goal to promote continuous improvement in teaching and lifelong learning.

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Meet the Hosts

Dr. Joi Patterson

Dr. Joi Patterson, Chief Diversity Officer, has over twenty-five years of experience in K-12 and Higher Education, serving in various administrative roles in higher education from Program Director to Provost.

Dr. Patterson is a teacher practitioner, starting as a middle school bilingual science teacher to tenured faculty in higher education, where she maintains a mission to increase enrollment, graduation, funding, accountability, and opportunities for all students.

Contact: jpatterson3@govst.edu

Dr Amy Vujaklija

Dr. Amy Vujaklija, Director of Educator Preparation, Accreditation, and Assessment is a former middle and high school teacher and continues to stay active in teacher recruitment and retention.

As an Illinois Writing Project leadership team member and co-director, she facilitates member outreach and local conferences and workshops. Dr. Vujaklija’s research interests use qualitative narrative inquiry to explore the lived experience of teacher leadership and student learning.

Contact: avujaklija@govst.edu

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