Teaching and Learning: Theory vs Practice with Dr. Amy and Dr. Joi

Theory vs. practice is an everlasting debate in the field of education. Does one lead towards improved teaching and learning over the other? Or, is it a combination of both? Join Dr. Joi Patterson and Dr. Amy Vujaklija to find out the answer by listening to Governors State University's Teaching and Learning: Theory vs. Practice podcast where the battle rages on with industry experts arguing the importance and implementation of both concepts.

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Meet the Hosts

Dr. Joi Patterson
Dr. Joi Patterson

Director of Educator Preparation and Licensure Advisor in Governors State University’s College of Education.

Dr Amy Vujaklija
Dr. Amy Vujaklija

Governors State University’s Secondary English Education Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Middle and Secondary English Education.

She also serves as Academic Program Review Committee Chair as well as faculty advisor of the Student Education Association and Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society.