Natalia Rekhter


As Director of the undergraduate Health Administration program (BHA), I wanted to provide you with some insight into the program and what achieving your BHA degree at the Governors State University could offer.

Healthcare Administration is a unique field. It provides a great opportunity for people who want to stay in healthcare and make a positive contribution to population health but are more interested in its business side than in clinical applications. For myself, I wanted to work in a not-for-profit organization, so the healthcare administration field was right for me: not-for-profit, healthcare and business.

The degree in Health Administration is a good fit for you if you:

  • have an interest in healthcare beyond or in addition to clinical work
  • are aspired to make a difference in the management of healthcare services
  • No previous experience in the healthcare field is required.

The BHA program at GSU is made to accommodate the working professionals. The curriculum is delivered mostly online (85% of classes) and in hybrid formats (15% of classes), and students can take classes from any geographic location. The curriculum includes healthcare systems, healthcare management, planning, politics and policy, human resources management, marketing, epidemiology, law, ethics, healthcare informatics, healthcare organizational behavior, accounting, economics, and planning. The program offers a rolling enrollment, so students can apply at any time of the year.

Typical after-graduation employment includes but isn’t limited to entry-level managerial positions in hospitals or outpatient facilities, health insurance companies, long-term care organizations, federal, state, and local departments of health, benefits offices of larger corporations, and consulting firms.

The number of jobs in 2022 was 323,000, job growth was 22% faster than the average job growth in the country. In 2023, the median pay was $84,270 per year, the lowest pay was $48,840 per year, and the highest pay with a Master’s degree was $244,880.*

*Source: United States Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BHA Program at GSU is fully accredited by the Association of University Programs in Health Services Administration (AUPHA). AUPHA Certified Undergraduate programs are recognized for having withstood the rigors of peer review in which curricula, faculty, and educational outcomes are critically examined. There are only 49 AUPHA-certified programs among hundreds of these programs in the United States and Canada and BHA Program at GSU is among these selected few. Prospective employers seek out the AUPHA Certified program as a guarantee of students’ excellence and strong professional preparation.

Topics related to human behavior and attitude have always been of interest to me. For instance, while reading about healthcare, I am trying to learn what people think of vaccinations, or how they take care of their health, do they believe in preventive care and healthy lifestyles, how do they try to find answers to their questions? I am interested in this as a healthcare administrator, because, among other things, it can help channeling efforts in improving patients' access to healthcare services or explain where we, as healthcare professionals, should be focusing our outreach efforts. Perhaps these same topics are of interest to you.

I can’t wait to meet you, and until then you can also find more information about the program on this website:

Warmest regards,

- Dr. Natalia Rekhter