Alumni Success

Watch what our alumni say about their experience in The MFA in Independent Film and Digital Imaging:

Seth McClellan
Award-winning Filmmaker and Tenured Faculty at Triton College 



Mercedes Kane
Creative Director at Kindle Communications and award-winning Documentary Filmmaker



Dirk Fletcher
Award-winning Photographer and Professional Market Representative for Canon USA 



  • Uriah-Berryhill

    Uriah Berryhill, Specialist, TV & Media Production

    The MFA program encourages you to take your big ideas and turn them into a real production by providing you with the creative channels, skills, and knowledge you need to do it. My professors gave me the push to take strategic risks and follow my passion—that created confidence that I now implement in my current job where I use the skills I gained as an M.F.A. student in studio production, filming, and editing.

  • Daniel Nearing

    Dan Nearing, Full Professor of IFDI

    The IFDI program is all about authorship and encouraging the creative growth of individual writer-directors and photographers. GSU student and alumni films have screened at hundreds of international film festivals and won multiple awards. Our faculty has received recognition from major entities such as the Guggenheim Foundation, the New York Times, and Roger Ebert. To top it all off, an MFA at GSU is more affordable than one at other Chicago-area schools.

  • Beth Parin

    Beth Parin, Associate Professor IFDI

    IFDI offers a unique Chicago based MFA experience where self-motivated, independent writer-directors and photographers come together to form an artistic community in which each individual develops their own artistic voice and vision under the mentorship of renowned faculty.

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