Kimberly Egizio


As a Lecturer in the Health Informatics program and Faculty Advisor for the Student Healthcare Management Association, I wanted to provide you with some insight into the program and what achieving your Health Informatics degree at the Governors State University could offer.

Healthcare Informatics is a quickly growing and evolving field. As the field evolves, healthcare providers are looking for experts to oversee information management, streamline healthcare information and delivery across different healthcare entities, processing, dispersal, storage, and security of patient data and information—that’s where you come in! With a degree in Health Informatics, you’ll be able to streamline physicians’ and patients’ needs to ensure better health outcomes.

Prior to receiving my Master of Science in Health Informatics in 2019 and joining the Governors State University Faculty in the fall of 2022, I was a medical coder in the field. I know firsthand how important organized medical data is and how much the healthcare system relies on computer systems and health informatic professionals to provide the best patient care possible.

At Governors State, the BSHI curriculum is delivered mostly online and in hybrid formats, which gives students the flexibility to take their classes wherever they can. Class sizes are small so that you can get the individualized learning you need from faculty you know personally. The curriculum includes Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance, Health Law and Compliance, Revenue Cycle Management, Information Protection, and much more. The goal of the program is for you to understand the inter-relationships between information technology and healthcare services delivery, and the ways in which they mutually influence and transform each other, as well as provide you with the technical skills necessary to succeed in the field.

The program offers a rolling enrollment, so students can apply at any time of the year. When you finish your degree, your career options are endless! As the field continues to develop and grow, so do the career options available. Take a look at the career map created by The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) to see current and emerging careers in Health informatics.

If you’d like to learn more, please join us for an information session or schedule an appointment to speak one on one about your future in Health Informatics.


Kimberly Egizio