Business Cards

GSU Business cards follow a standard format and are processed by an outside vendor

GSU business cards

Process for ordering business cards:

  1. Follow the below link to enter your business card proof detail.
  2. Enter a requisition in Datatel for the quantity/type ordered to the Vendor: BCT (#239191 in Datatel) using printing object code. After requisition is submitted, your work is done. A PO will be issued, and the business cards will be received in approximately one week. 

Create and enter your business cards through

Enter the following GSU-specific account number and password to begin the ordering process:

Account: 40333494
Password: gsu

If you have any questions, please call Procurement office at 708.534.4056.

For customized business card design, such as two sided or bi-lingual, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Antonio De Castro