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General Education Requirements: 37 – 41 hours
Core Courses: 12 hours
Selectives: 18 hours
Gender and Sexuality Electives: 12 hours
Electives: 41 hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Why Study Gender and Sexuality?

Locally and globally, the impact of gender and sexuality emerges in all fields and disciplines, from fields that reach into the lives of individuals, such as law and health, to those that allow us to examine society, such as the humanities and social sciences. With a Bachelor of Arts in Gender & Sexuality Studies from Governors State, you can join an interdisciplinary examination of the power dynamics created by gender and sexuality and can work to shift a societal model that has been historically imbalanced.

Student Involvement and Success

GovState’s Gender and Sexuality Club connects the student community, emphasizing the major’s interdisciplinary nature. Last year, two of the club’s students, both Psychology majors, presented research on statewide support for the transgender youth of Illinois at a national conference.

Reach Your Career Goals

The versatility of the study of gender and sexuality equates to a wide range of career opportunities. You may consider occupations in human services, such as psychology, social work, or human resources, or to continue your academic studies at the graduate level. Students in the Gender and Sexuality program often choose to double major, increasing the specialization of their studies.

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Contact Information

Dr. Lara Stache
Program Coordinator

<b>Full Program Requirements</b>

Full Program Requirements

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