The Governors State University Foundation and Alumni Association recognizes academic excellence and awards scholarships to deserving students in pursuit of a GSU degree. 

Follow the link to SCHOLARSHIP UNIVERSE to get started. 


Scholarship criteria, essay topic and other additional required documentation for each scholarship are described within the Scholarship Universe database.  When applying, follow directions carefully for maximum award consideration.

The number of scholarships and dollar amounts vary based upon available funding.

Questions or concerns: call 708.235.7510 or email
 ***DO NOT email time sensitive questions.

  • *****Frequently Asked Questions*****


    How do I apply for Foundation scholarships?

    Where can I get help with my ESSAY?

    Do I need a Letter of Recommendation?

    • It is highly recommended that you have more than one available.
    • Not all scholarships require a letter of recommendation.
    • Scholarship application requirements are different for each scholarship. If one is required, you will be prompted for one when applying.

    Do I need to fill out a FAFSA to qualify for Foundation scholarships?

    • Not all Foundation scholarships require a FAFSA but it is recommended to have the FAFSA completed for maximum scholarship consideration.

    Will I be notified of scholarship awards?

    • You will ONLY be notified if you are awarded a scholarship.

    How will I receive the scholarship award?

    • Scholarship funds will be posted to the student account after final drop dates.

      What does my scholarship pay for?

      • Scholarships are applied to tuition, fees and on-campus housing, up to the maximum award / tuition & fees cost. (Unless otherwise stated in the criteria).

        How do I enter my scholarship application in Scholarship Universe and see what scholarships I qualify for?



        How can I get additional questions answered regarding the GSU Foundation scholarships?

        Call: 708.235.7510
        ***DO NOT email time sensitive questions. 


        FAQs for scholarship AWARDEES 

        Do I need to provide a photo?

        Yes. Photos will be used for GSU Foundation marketing and fundraising purposes.

        Am I required to attend GSU FOUNDATION events? 

        Scholarship recipients may be asked to attend GSUF events throughout their academic progress to meet and thank donors. (There are no in person events during COVID).

        What happens if I have a tuition waiver like a Graduate Assistantship?

        • A student can receive a tuition waiver & a scholarship up to, but NOT TO EXCEED cost of tuition and fees, which can allow for additional credits to be taken over the amount covered by tuition waiver.
        • Unused funds will roll over to subsequent semesters during the same academic year, provided the student continues to meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

        What if my eligibility status changes after I am awarded the scholarship?

        Students must maintain all eligibility criteria as listed in each scholarship through end of semester in which the scholarship is awarded.