The College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate minor in Practical and Professional Ethics is offered for students wishing to supplement their study of another major discipline with substantial cross-disciplinary coursework in ethics. 

A minor in Practical and Professional Ethics is suitable for students pursuing any major, but can be especially useful for students majoring in Management and Business; Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Healthcare Administration; Social Work; Communication Studies or Media Studies; Chemistry, Biology, or Environmental Studies; and Criminal Justice, Political Science, or Social Sciences.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses (3 Hours)  

Students must complete 3 credits in upper-level domain-specific non-ethics coursework that complements one or more domain-specific ethics course they have completed from the list of selectives. For example, students who complete MGMT 3099 may take another course in business; students who complete PHIL 3202 may take another course in environmental studies; students who complete COMS 4850 may take another course in communication studies or media studies, etc...

Advisor Information


Noreen Heidelberg
Academic Advisor



Benjamin Almassi
Assistant Professor