Thank you for your interest in the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program at Governors State University. You'll find the information and instructions you need to apply to the DPT program on this page.

First, Some Important Information

The curriculum for the DPT degree program is designed for the entry-level student who has a bachelor’s degree in any major, with appropriate prerequisite course work, and a strong commitment to pursue a rigorous full-time course of study in Physical Therapy.

The application deadline is October 15 for admission to the program in the following Summer Semester. Application to the DPT is submitted through Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service at The program will no longer accept applications sent directly to GSU. So if your application is received by October 15 of any given year, you will be considered for admission in the following Summer Semester.

After we receive applications from PTCAS that have been submitted by the October 15 deadline, we will evaluate the applications and schedule interviews for qualified applicants. Interviews will be scheduled between December and January. After the interviews, we will inform the qualified applicants of their acceptance into the program.

Notifications of admission status through PTCAS (i.e. admit, alternate list, or denied admission) are made in January.

Truly qualified applicants should recognize that the DPT admissions committee may have been faced with the difficult task of selecting a relatively small group of the most qualified candidates from among an applicant pool that was generally well- qualified. Unsuccessful candidates often wish to know why they were not admitted and what they can do to improve their chances of admission in subsequent years. Because admission decisions are made on the basis of many pieces of objective and subjective information, it is often difficult to pinpoint any particular weakness that led to a negative decision. Unsuccessful applicants may sometimes improve their chances for admission in a subsequent year by improving their prerequisite GPA by retaking key courses, improving GRE scores, or enhancing their understanding of the profession through work or volunteer services in appropriate healthcare facilities.

Applicants must recognize that following these suggestions does not in any way guarantee future admission. Inquiries by unsuccessful candidates cannot be acknowledged before May 1.

Note: Minimum Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 and a minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0.

Don't Forget: GRE and TOEFL

GSU's School of Extended Learning offers Graduate Record Exam Test Preparation — either in class or online through a partnership with the Princeton Review. Click here for more information.

If applicable, you must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Applicants whose native or primary language is not English must provide official evidence of having attained a minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL. Official TOEFL scores are sent directly to Governors State University from the Educational Testing Service that administers these exams. Specific questions about the TOEFL exam should be directed to the Office of Admission & Student Recruitment.