Bill Dodd Memorial Prairie Restoration Fund

Bill Dodd

As a remarkable humanist, scholar, development officer, and active citizen, Bill Dodd altered the face of the south suburban region during his 27 years in the area. His professional life at Governors State University, combined with his personal outreach and commitment to social change, brought people together, creating a catalyst for positive change. Recognized for his absolute integrity, his life was filled with passion and scholarly pursuits.

Bill was an enthusiastic, supporting visionary of theNate and had a particularly energetic love of nature, native habitats, along with an understanding that preserving the prairie would enhance the enjoyment of GSU's treasures for everyone - GSU students, staff, faculty, visitors, and area school children alike.

Following his passing in 2003 of cancer, a group of Bill’s friends came together in 2011 to establish an endowed fund in honor and appreciation of Bill and his visionary work helping to establish theNate’s permanent collection. The Bill Dodd Memorial Prairie Restoration Fund reached full endowment in 2014 making the 12-acre "Butterfly Ranch" prairie restoration project a reality. Opening in 2017, the annual maintenance fees average $8,000 to $10,000 with The Bill Dodd Memorial Prairie Restoration Fund providing only a quarter of that cost.

We rely on generous and annual donors, who share Bill’s love and vision to bridge the gap for this important work. With your help we will continue providing a living laboratory for GSU students, area school children, and life-long learners from around the world, maintaining a gorgeous setting for our beloved collection of monumental sculptures.


Due to the efforts of the Bill Dodd Memorial Prairie Restoration Fund, the Butterfly Ranch has grown into an eleven acre beauty; help to make it thrive!

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