The College of Education prepares its students to be reflective lifelong learners; advocates for diversity and social justice; and engaged, effective, transformative educators and mental health professionals.


The College of Education will be a recognized regional leader in the preparation and ongoing development of educators and mental health professionals. The College will be especially acclaimed for its leadership in the following areas:

  • Performance-based assessment practices.
  • Field-based and clinical practice.
  • Evidence-based process improvement.
  • Achievements in teaching, scholarship, research, and service.

Core Values

  • Education sustains democracy.
  • Education provides powers of concentration and worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.
  • Education is a life-long journey worth the effort.
  • It is our professional responsibility to create and maintain a learning environment that builds up the human spirit, both socially and intellectually.
  • We remake the world when we share our intellectual ideals, model ethical standards, embrace human diversity, and engage in civil and professional service.