The Gender and Sexuality Studies minor seeks to provide students with an understanding of gender's centrality to culture using interdisciplinary approaches. Gender and sexuality studies examines gender across cultures and historical periods while inquiring into the ways these concepts are represented in various forms, including popular culture, the media, literature and the arts.

A minor in gender and sexuality studies can serve as a useful basis for students in criminal justice, social sciences, English, business and public administration, social work and interdisciplinary studies. 

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor Students Must:
  1. meet with the minor advisor to determine course selection and complete a study plan; and
  2. complete all of the courses with a grade of "C" or better.
Selectives (15 Hours)

Students must select with the assistance of the minor advisor, five courses from the following. A minimum of 9 hours must be earned at the upper division level:

Special Topics Courses

In addition to the above, relevant offerings of the following Special Topics Courses in related disciplines may be used for the selectives with the minor advisor's approval:


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Advisor Information


Ivan Soto

  Ivan Soto
 Undergraduate Academic Advisor
 Office Location: C3385