An undergraduate minor in Biology is offered for students who wish to supplement a major in another discipline with significant preparation in biology. The minor will generally enhance prospects for employment in education, industry, or the health professions, and for admission to graduate or professional school.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor
General Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor. In addition, students must:

  1. complete at least one course at the upper-division level; and
  2. submit transfer courses potentially applicable to the minor to the biology advisor during the first week of the semester of intended graduation.
 Required Courses (14 Hours)
The following courses must be taken at the lower-division level:
  • General Biology I & II with Labs (8)
The following courses can be taken at either the lower-division or upper-division level:  

Other upper-division level biology courses may be accepted at the discretion of the advisor for the minor.