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Programs and Workshops


Fitness Benefits

  • Increases heart and lung efficiency - As the heart becomes stronger through exercise, it increases blood flow to every part of your body. When your heart and lungs operate more efficiently, your resting pulse rate will slow.
  • Reduces blood pressure - Arteries and capillaries increase in size to promote a faster exchange of oxygen and nutrients into cells and eliminate waste products out of cells. This increased efficiency helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Increases energy level - Cardio-respiratory exercise causes you to take in more oxygen. This tends to increase your energy level.
  • Increases muscle mass and decreases body fat - When you exercise, your muscle mass increases. This is important for weight management because as you decrease body fat and increase muscle tissue, you burn more calories.
  • Decreases the "bad kind" of LDL cholesterol and increases the "good kind" of HDL cholesterol - Studies have shown that exercise can decrease total blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL is thought to decrease the risk of arteriosclerosis and protect against coronary heart disease.
  • Enhances mental wellness and acuity- With active exercise and increased fitness, you sense an improvement in your self-image, well-being and confidence level. Exercise also helps to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Consult your Doctor

We cannot stress enough the importance of consulting your physician before beginning any workout program. Your doctor will be able to give you safe and sound information on what type of workout program is best suited for your current state of health.