Timothy W. Pedigo, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor
  708-534-4398 ext. 4398
  Office Location: G391
  College: COE

Division of Psyc and Counseling


I am a clinical psychologist with over 27 years in clinical practice.  I serve as the Coordinator of Clinical Training for the Masters in Clinical Psychology Program and Co-coordinator of the Mindfulness in the Helping Professions Certificate Program.  I primarily teach in the undergraduate program in psychology and several courses in the Mindfulness Studies Concentration. I also teach Practicum and Internships Courses and Introduction to Mindfulness in the Helping Professions to graduate students.  My main interest area is mindfulness and its effect on emotional and social well-being. 

I am involved in several research projects which explore how mindfulness develops emotional and social learning, which leads to better adaptation and higher achievement in school.

I enjoy teaching at GSU.  I take a practical and engaged approach to teaching in which I encourage student involvement in the learning process.  I like to get to know students and relate to them as people.  The courses that I teach allow for me to help students apply what they are learning to their own lives.  I believe that a good education helps a student to grow as a person and not just in cognitive knowledge. Teaching mindfulness oriented courses is especially rewarding.  I have the opportunity to see students gradually learn how to calm themselves and work with difficult emotions and situations. Students often reflect how mindfulness makes a change in themselves which in turn makes a big difference in how they experience their education and their lives.

In the community I am also involved in projects oriented to foster contemplative insight and wisdom. When a person decides to seriously take up meditation it is important to have a group to attend to encourage continued practice and development.  To help make this possible, I serve as a coordinator of a group of people which provide free meditation every Tuesday in Matteson. We practice from the Shambhala Meditation Tradition, which is Tibetan based lineage.  Students, staff, and faculty from GSU are welcomed to join and many do.   

Similarly, my wife Karen and I are involved in the World Community of Christian Meditators. We help to facilitate weekend retreats and support meditation groups. We are in the process of designing and leading a weekend on meditation, emotions, and self-knowledge.  In our travels, we have the opportunity to meet meditators throughout the U.S. and abroad.   Like my experience at GSU, we are enriched by the cultural diversity.  I value having my cultural assumptions challenged and experiencing the common human ground from which we all can connect.

It is privilege to teach at GSU.  I am glad to be a part of the learning community.  If you have not yet joined us, I hope you will!

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