Steven Sharp

  Assistant Professor
  708-534-4375ext. 4375
  Office Location: G205
  Office Hours: Thursday 2-4 and by appointment
  College: CEHD

Division of Education





Steven K. Sharp, Ph. D. joined Governors State University as an assistant professor and coordinator of the Bicultural and Bilingual Education program in the fall of 2018. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses for teachers and teacher candidates interested in getting an ESL or Bilingual endorsement.

Dr. Sharp has a BS in Linguistics and a BA in Russian Language Education. He also has an MEd in TESOL. His Master's degree research was on how technology has been used to support classroom education. Dr. Sharp completed his doctoral degree at the University of Maryland at College Park, where his dissertation was on how teachers in a one-to-one implementation of iPads in the classroom were able to leverage their prior teaching experiences and knowledge of technology use to mediate their instructional practices and support multilingual children in their developing use of the English language in a middle school setting.

His research centers on instructional support of multilingual users and the use of technology in instruction. Dr. Sharp has presented at many conferences on the use of technology in the classroom and has published paper on how teachers develop communities of practice in their use of technology and how they can develop their skills through community support.

During his 20 year career in the classroom, Dr. Sharp has taught multilingual users at many different levels - from elementary school to adult. He spent ten years teaching middle school and elementary school students and preparing them for success in an English language classroom. He also spent several years training teachers on best practices for using technology in the language classroom. And has spent several years teaching and developing technology practices for an IEP program at the University of Maryland.

For the past year, Dr. Sharp has served as a member of the Illinois Gateway Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC). He is a member of the ESL and Bilingual credentials committee, developing credentials for ESL and Bilingual teachers in early childhood settings. He also serves on the Qualifications and Credentials committee.

Dr. Sharp is a member of AREA, CALICO, IALLT, TESOL, NABE, AAAL and continues to be active in local organizations supporting multilingual children, and higher education's role in it, including the English Learners Advocacy Council in Higher Education (ELACHE) and Illinois TESOL/BE and Multilingual Illinois.


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