Marlon I. Cummings

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Interdisciplinary Leadership, Ed.D.
Educational Administration
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Educational & Organizational Leadership
Culturally Response Practices and Leadership
Organizational Change
Educational Policy Reform



Dr. Marlon I. Cummings’ teaching, research, and service stems from his work as a staunch advocate for improving equity in education and developing organizational leaders. Currently he serves as the Division Chair in the Division of Education. Prior to this role, Dr. Cummings worked as a tenured Associate Professor, serving as Director for the Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctorate Program and also taught in the Education Administration, Principal Preparation Program.

Dr. Cummings’ career in education began as a middle school science and math teacher in Washington, DC. After working as a teacher for several years, he shifted his career to nonprofit leadership and served as the Director of Programs for an organization that focused on addressing issues of adolescent bullying and harassment. With a passion for public service and education, he moved back to Chicago and worked for nearly a decade as a Principal Consultant with the Illinois State Board of Education. During this time, Dr. Cummings worked as an adjunct instructor instructing and mentoring educators earning graduate degrees in Education Administration and Teaching. Prior to his current role, he worked in outreach and community organizing for an education policy advocacy non-profit in Chicago.

Dr. Marlon I. Cummings earned his B.S. in Biological Engineering from Florida A&M University, his Masters in Public Administration from The American University, and his Ph.D. in Urban Education Policy and Organizational Leadership from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Marlon is currently married to Alexandria M. Cummings, a non-profit executive and a Financial Education advocate, and they have a son Isaac Alexander. In his free time, he enjoys reading, spending time with family and loved ones, and playing golf.



Dr. Cummings’ research interests include, culturally responsive leadership, organizational change and reform, organizational leadership, school-community relations, and educational policy reform. He has several peer-reviewed publications, has presented at an array of local, regional, and national educational and leadership conferences. A list of his most recent publications and conference presentations are below:



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Dr. Cummings recently completed time serving as Faculty Senate President before transitioning into his role as Chair. He is also is very engaged civically. Dr. Cummings recently served as the Governors State representative to Illinois Board of Higher Education Faculty Advisory Council where he represented the Council on the Illinois Board of Higher Education on Strategic Planning Committee. Dr. Cummings has served as Community Representative on his Local School Council and as a member of Youth Guidance's Junior Board, a non-profit that provides programming for underserved populations and schools. For nearly a decade he served as the Principal of Greater Bethesda MB Church’s free Saturday tutoring program. He was a recipient of the 2020 Chicago Defender’s Men of Excellence award.



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