Mary Bruce, Ph.D.

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Public Administration - M.P.A.



Framing, priming, interpretation of the media
as it relates to public policy and politics
Education Policy/Achievement Gap in K-12
Disaster Management
Workplace Violence



Master of Public Administration
Program Coordinator

Master Criminal Justice
Program Coordinator

Interdisciplinary Leadership, Ed.D., Not-for-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship
Concentration Coordinator



Mary D. Bruce earned the doctorate in Political Science from Wayne State University. Her dissertation, The Role of Journalists in Framing Newspaper Articles and Editorials on School Vouchers in Detroit, examined how journalists presented information regarding a public policy issue during a national election year. Dr. Bruce holds the Masters in Public Administration from Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. After 20 years in state and local governmental and legislative relations, Dr. Clark joined the Wayne State University faculty in September 2003, and Governors State University’s faculty one year later. She presented research papers at international, national, and regional conferences, including: the National Academy of Public Administration, Global Business Development Institute, and the American Society for Public Administration.

She presented a paper at the Fifth International Conference on Public management, Policy and Development: Best Practices in Public Policy and Development for the 21st Century in Dakar, Senegal. The paper was entitled, The Role of Journalists in framing News Stories about the Use and Availability of Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, she co-authored two articles, one is entitled: Workplace Violence: Awareness, Prevention and Response is published in the International Public Management Association for Human Resources. The second is entitled, Roadside Markets and Poverty Alleviation: A Case of Roadside Markets in Uganda. Summer 2013 Dr. Bruce presented a paper on Framing and Agenda Setting in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa.

Dr. Bruce is a Full Professor and teaches in the Public Administration Program and has served in the MPA program for over 18 years. She brings into this online political science course expertise in teaching from an academic and practical work experience as a political appointee in Michigan State Government. Her work history includes: working as a legislative analyst for Governor James J. Blanchard, State of Michigan as a research data specialist for the Michigan Department of Management and Budget. She also worked as researcher and writer for the Michigan Department of Labor and the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. She has procured more than $160,000 in research grants to study community-based programs and evaluation of substance abuse prevention programs.

Dr. Bruce has served on the Board for Access to Care, and as Chair of the Marketing Sub-committee for Strategic Planning. Presently she serves on the board for Consortium for International Management, Policy and Development (CIMPAD). Dr. Bruce visited China traveling with graduate students from the College of Business and Public Administration at Governors State during the summer of 2012. She presented papers in Namibia and 2015 in Zambia, Africa. Dr. Bruce’s research focuses on four streams: Education policy, disaster preparedness, human resource management, and framing in media, policy and politics. Dr. Bruce serves as a board member for the Center for Media and Peace Initiatives based in New York City (

She has also served as the Chairperson of the Faculty Development Advisory Council at GSU. She is a board member of the DuSable Women's Board. Professor Bruce is a leader and who possesses a wealth of international service and professional experience in the public sector which enhances her ability to educate students interested in public administration and political science from diverse backgrounds in an academic online teaching and learning environment. She is inspiring and passionate about teaching and enjoys engaging students who are interested in and or curious about the field of public administration and leadership in the public and not-for-profit sector.



"I have been at GSU for over 18 years and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have experienced while serving in the College of Arts and Sciences and within the GSU community. My favorite aspect of teaching at GSU is being a part of a diverse learning community with a mission to offer educational opportunities to first generation students. One of the highlights of my academic career is being selected to serve as the coordinator of the NPSE/INLD Program which is a three-year Doctorate of Interdisciplinary Leadership Program. The program is intense and offers professionals from different employment and educational backgrounds an opportunity to learn about their specific areas of focus applying an interdisciplinary perspective way of thinking. It is an honor to work with great faculty and an exciting time to be part of the transformation of Governors State University."



"My academic, practitioner and research accomplishments are vast. After earning a Bachelor of Mass Communication (BA) from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I ran for public office and later went on to pursue public management, policy and consulting opportunities in Michigan. As a state employee, I gained additional management and leadership experiences that inspired me to pursue graduate education. I successfully earned a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. As my academic and practitioner endeavors expanded in scope, my desire to advance research and collegiate instruction became my career path. I matriculated at the Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where I earned a PhD in Political Science. The combination international exposure, practical application of MPA instruction as well as the theoretical perspective of the PhD has enabled me to provide comprehensive instructional and research experiences for GSU’s diverse student body within the Masters of Public Administration Program. I have published articles in the areas of education policy, disaster preparedness/workplace violence and media/politics."



GSU embraces service, which is in concert with my professional and personal values. I am involved within community and international service oriented initiatives. I served as a board member with the South Suburban Family Services, Access to Care and Consortium International Management and Development - CIMPAD. I enjoy music, reading, biking, swimming and running and simply being outdoors. I love the Midwest and all four seasons especially fall in Michigan."

- Mary Bruce, Ph.D

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