Keith Werosh, PhD

  Director Of Assessment And Program Evaluation
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"My entire professional career has been centered around higher education. Starting on the student affairs side, I supported academic records, student services, conduct and discipline, international student support, new student orientation, student activities, commencement, and disability services. I worked directly on the front lines to promote student success outside of the classroom. While engaged in this work, I was also given the opportunity to explore different ways in which technology could make my work more efficient while providing better service to students. My philosophy was and continues to be, "high tech and high touch" in that technology can help students navigate through the complex landscape of higher education and promote positive retention and success outcomes. Through this work, I led several student information and learning management system implementations. I enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams of faculty and staff to identify needs that can be translated into opportunities through the strategic use of technology.

Along the way, I became introduced to accreditation and academic quality work which led me to change my career path from student support outside the classroom to academic planning and success initiatives focused squarely within the classroom. My work shifted to engaging with accreditors and helping faculty develop sound assessment practices to measure student learning. This is the work I do today and feel privileged to engage in it!

As the Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation for the College of Health and Human Services at GovState, I am connected with faculty and staff across the College to identify what success looks like and work collaboratively with stakeholders to gather evidence and define measurements, and report on the work we're doing to promote successful student outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. This assessment work combined with the College's strategic planning efforts promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

As a teacher for over 15 years, you'll also find me engaging with students inside the classroom which I refer to as a living laboratory-- a place where current assessment practices can be put into action. I primarily teach undergraduate and graduate students in courses ranging from cross-cultural psychology, industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology, research methodology for the social sciences, and assessment of student learning. I was fortunate to work under Dr. David Gilbert at Southern Illinois University's Integrated Neuroscience Laboratory (INL) as an undergraduate student. The INL is well known for its longitudinal studies focused on nicotine's effects on mood, attention, and brain activity.

My undergraduate degree is in psychology, and I pursued master's degrees in both industrial/organizational psychology and higher education administration. My PhD is in leadership for education with a concentration in higher education. Because I am interested in the intersection of I/O psychology (psychology of the workplace) and learning, my doctoral dissertation research bridged these interests as I studied college faculty and administrator perceptions on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act training programs at academic institutions across the United States."

-Keith Werosh, PhD

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