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"I am excited to return to the GSU classrooms and labs where I teach analytical chemistry following several years as an administrator.  It is been a pleasure to work with the chemistry and biology majors in our newly renovated labs.  It is in the labs where we can further our understanding of chemical reactions and processes, developing observations and measurements into meaningful data about environmental conditions, human health, food safety, chemical purity, as well as characterize new molecules.  I really enjoy and am energized by the coaching aspects of lab instruction, where students and I work together to complete successful experiments.

I joined GSU in 1984 while earning my Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Resources/Chemistry at Portland State University.  GSU has been a great fit for my interests in chemistry as well as protecting the environment.  Recently I have been involved with the major renovation of the Science and Health Science wing.  It is very satisfying to be working in the renovated labs after many years of advocacy and construction.  In addition I have served as an academic administrator for about ten years of my career at GSU.

My involvement in the local, regional and statewide environmental conservation movement has been a key part of my experience at GSU.  I was among the founding scientists for the Thorn Creek Ecosystem Partnership, serving as partnership chair for about ten years.  Thorn Creek crosses the GSU campus and is part of the historic Lake Michigan watershed.  The partnership was able to help protect over 500 acres of open space, help restore prairies and wetlands, and conduct research.  I have authored and coauthored several watershed plans, served on regional advisory panels and participated in state-wide conservation efforts.   Several of my students joined me in watershed planning efforts, research projects and environmental monitoring.  I am currently chairman of the board for the Land Conservancy of Will County. This young, grassroots organization works to protect significant natural habitat on private property, helping land owners preserve valuable natural resources forever.  Again, students and alumni have joined in conservation efforts in Will County."

- Karen D'Arcy, Ph.D.,

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