John Yunger, Ph.D.

  Full Professor
  708-534-4524ext. 4524
  Office Location: F 1312
  College: CAS

Environmental Biology - Master of Science
Biology - Minor
Biology - Bachelor of Science
Division of Science Mathematics and Technology
Division of Science, Mathematics and Technology



Conservation Biology
Population Ecology



Dr. John Yunger received his BS and MS degrees in Biology from Western Michigan University and a Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University. His expertise is in population ecology, vertebrate zoology and conservation biology. Current research projects focus on the role of small mammals in Cryptosporidium distribution along and urban-rural gradient, heavy metal accumulations by small mammals at abandoned mine sites, conservation of northern hardwood forests following settlement by Europeans. Graduate students are also conducting research in Barn Owl dispersal, response of soil invertebrates to small mammal burrowing, and vertical stratification of small mammal foraging along in response to predation risk. Dr. Yunger teaches a diversity of upper division and graduate courses on ecology, biology of vertebrates, and conservation. He serves on several committees within the University and at the regional and national level.