Judy Platt, MHS, CCC-SLP/L

  Director Of Clinical Education
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  Office Location: F1415
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  College: CHHS

Communication Disorders



"I have been in the field of speech-language pathology for several decades now, after having received my Masters of Health Sciences degree from Governors State University.  While I have had the good fortune to work in a variety of clinical settings, my clinical expertise and the bulk of my professional career has been devoted to working with infants and toddlers (and their family members) who exhibit feeding and swallowing disorders.

Although my professional experiences have no doubt been rewarding, over the past several years I have found a new passion working in higher education.  My desire to have a positive impact and assist in the clinical education of our future professionals has led me full circle to my current administrative position as Director of Clinical Education in the Department of Communication Disorders, a position I have held since February, 2010.

Students entering the field of speech-language pathology are required to obtain clinical experiences working with individuals exhibiting a variety of communication disorders during their graduate program.  Graduate students in the Department of Communication Disorders enter a three practicum sequence during the last three semesters of their graduate work.  The three assignments include working with special populations, in the medical setting, and in the public school.  Throughout their sequence, students obtain the experiences and clinical hours needed in the identification and treatment of both children and adults exhibiting communication disorders. What I find most exciting about my present position at GSU has been my instrumental role in developing supplemental clinical experiences for our students outside of the established major three.    

Since my time at GSU, our Department has adopted some very positive additions to our clinical program — one being in the area of prevention.Our national organization, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), has long promoted the prevention of communication disorders as one of our profession's primary responsibilities. Students are now required to obtain hours in the area of prevention as part of their clinical experiences at GSU. One way of obtaining these hours is through Department-organized opportunities to provide community-based speech-language and hearing screenings. These screenings have proven to be equally beneficial to the students providing the service, as well as to the community members receiving the services.

Our prevention program has blossomed since its inception in the Fall semester of 2011. With the help of our clinical team and faculty, plans are in the works not only to enhance and further develop our prevention program, but also to provide other types of opportunities to enrich the clinical experiences of our students at Governors State University."

- Judy Platt, MHS, CCC-SLP/L

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