Jayne Goode, Ph.D.

  Full Professor
  708-534-4049ext. 4049
  Office Location: E2566
  Office Hours: Sabbatical
  College: CAS

Human Communication - Minor
Communication Media and Performance - Master of Arts
Communication Media and Performance
Communication - Master of Arts
Communication - Bachelor of Arts
Division of Arts and Letters



"As the Basic Course Director for the COMS program, I am charged with the task of developing the standard course for all of the new freshman at GSU. One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at GSU is the climate in each classroom. Students are engaged and eager. Their enthusiasm for learning makes teaching an fulfilling experience. As a  faculty member at GSU, I am consistently amazed by the work students put into their classes. Further, I share in the deep appreciation for education and the role that education can play, not only in improving circumstances, but in influencing and enriching hearts and minds.

Being surrounded by other faculty that value excellence in both teaching and research is a blessing. Much of my work to date has focused on understanding the influence and means of communication in the public sphere. I have also concentrated on learning various methods to analyze data. I have a deep love and appreciation for research and enjoy the ability to teach classes in methods. My work has been published in journals such as Communication Quarterly, Publius, and Communication Research Reports. I have had the pleasure of presenting at regional and national conferences and many of my papers have received awards.

Service provides opportunities to really invest in the success of the department or program and the university. Currently, I am the secretary of the Faculty Senate, member of the Honors Program Faculty Advisory Board, Division Assessment Committee.  I am also the Graduate Director of the Communication, Media and Performance MA."

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