Eileen Lally, Advisor

  Academic Advisor
  708-534-4399ext. 4399
  Office Location: C3388
  Office Hours:

Tues/Wed: 9am - 6pm

  College: COE

Elementary Education
Division of Education


Advising is a rewarding occupation that allows me to communicate with adults and give them assistance from the time they apply and continue until they have successfully completed our program.  It is my job to inform the candidates of the steps they are to take to succeed in the program and beyond.  I am able to guide them from excited students of GSU to become highly qualified and talented Professional Teachers that will enrich the young children of the future.

I have been an advisor for over 5 years here at GSU.  It is my responsibility to hold informational meetings, advise and guide candidates that want to change their careers to teach the young students in our urban setting. The MAT in Urban Teacher Education (previously the Alternative Certification Program) is  aimed to have the candidates receive an elementary or secondary Professional Educators License in eighteen months. 

Before getting this great opportunity, I was an elementary teacher for 35 years in Chicago.  There I was given the opportunity for 6 years of the 35 years to mentor college students that were in programs for teaching.  After retiring, I began mentoring candidates for the Alternative Certification Program here at GSU.  It is so wonderful to be able to share all the years of experience with others.   

Eileen Lally is the Academic Advisor and  Recruitment Coordinator for the Masters of Arts in Urban Teacher Education(a Licensure Program).