Beth Parin

  Associate Professor
  708-534-4019ext. 4019
  Office Location: E2572
  Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. by appt.
  College: CAS

Independent Film and Digital Imaging - Master of Fine Arts
Art - Bachelor of Fine Art
Art - Minor
Art - Master of Fine Arts



"My philosophy is to share knowledge and promote inspiration. As an educator at Governors State University, I feel it is instrumental for students to have an encouraging, emerging experience. As the head of the Digital Imaging and Photography Department, I am determined to enrich the curriculum for each GSU student, which leads toward unlimited confidence and future success in the student’s field.

I am a firm supporter in providing the diverse student body with a thriving, artistic environment, as well as engaging feedback. It is my sincere intention to help you, the student, reach your academic goals. I will gladly help you to develop and explore your thoughts and ideas, and not persuade you what to think. I gain satisfaction in seeing a student’s idea transform and come to fruition. I am always open to discuss technical aspects, suggestions, and concerns, as well as life in general as I firmly believe art is life and that is where our inspiration stems from."

- Beth Parin



Professor Beth Parin was appointed the Head of the Digital Imaging and Photography Department at Governors State University in January 2003. Upon graduation from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2002, Parin's experimentation with still and animated digital work, sound art compositions and progressive designs have led her to exhibitions, working with corporate clients and publications of her work internationally. She has received significant awards and scholarships that have aided her artistic success.

Professor Parin is involved in community service through the Arts for the Mind at Stanley Clark School in South Bend, Indiana. She also volunteers at CAPS, a program developed to help children and parents develop healthy relationships through communication, creative arts, play and other needed skills, in Elkhart, Indiana. In the past, she has volunteered at the women’s shelter in Elkhart to assist mothers and their children transition from a complex life into a greatly-improved one. She has helped clients express difficult-to-voice feelings and emotions through creations of art, which allowed them to begin their own healing process on a new journey.

Parin has exhibited her body of work throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. Some corporate clients she has worked with include Mercedes Corporate, Absolute and the World Cup.

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